Our Service Standards

  1. We lead by example.
  2. We constantly raise the bar as we lead the accounting profession.
  3. Clients will be totally delighted with what we do, and how we do it.
  4. We always maintain positive relationships.
  5. We greet, and farewell everyone by name with eye contact and with a smile.
  6. If at fault, we will apologise, and make restitution – right away.
  7. We demonstrate a positive ‘can do’ attitude at all times.
  8. We focus on solutions to clients’ objectives.
  9. We are creative and innovative in our approach to helping our clients succeed.
  10. We always act with integrity, we respect others and use empowering conversation.
  11. We always reply to all communication by the end of the same business day that it was received.
  12. We will own queries or complaints that we receive and ensure they are always addressed within the same business day that they are received.
  13. We answer our telephones within two rings, and with a smile. We say 'Thank you for calling Assured Business and Wealth Advisors, this is FIRSTNAME'.
  14. We are always on stage and act accordingly.
  15. We always live and demonstrate the company values.