Five apps that could revolutionise how you do business

Friday, Jan 30, 2015

The technology and working life website Lifehacker says mobile devices have evolved to be used for more than just calling, email, social media and selfies.

Lifehacker says there are some very handy apps that can allow you to operate your business on the go – or completely change the way you do things. Here are five of Lifehacker’s favourites.

1. Deputy
Deputy is an Aussie-made answer for anyone managing casual, part time or shift workers. It handles rostering, can show you who might be available at short notice, acts as a time sheet (employees can tap on or off) and manages payroll. It also acts as an internal communication and employee performance tool.

2. Invoice2go
As its name indicates, this app creates invoices on the go. There are templates to choose from for estimates and purchase orders as well. Best of all it syncs across your devices, creating charts and reports automatically to show you how your business is performing — and who owes you money — at a glance. Lifehacker deems that this app cuts down a lot of time for getting invoices out, which means you can be paid faster.

3. Evernote
A note taking tool with a clean interface, tagging tools and searchable text which you can save directly to the cloud which you can access from any device. It saves websites, typed notes, PDFs, images, handwriting, itineraries, schedules, lists, contacts — if you need to remember it, this is one very handy storage option.

4. Timely
Operating a business that relies on appointments can sometimes be tricky to manage. Timely syncs with your other calendars (iCal, Google Calendar and Outlook) and then books and tracks appointments, records, histories and personal notes of clients. It helps manage your client database and can send out SMS reminders too.

5. Vend
You might have seen this app or something similar down at your local coffee haunt. You no longer have to fork out, or sacrifice space, for a big cash register. Vend turns your iPad into a cash register. Lifehacker says it is fast and easy to use, works for all payment methods, and will even run a customer loyalty program.