Key Dates

Small Business Tax Calendar

Remembering your tax obligations on top of running your business can be difficult. To help you, the Tax Office has developed an easy-to-use computer tool that will help you plan and manage your tax obligations and give you timely reminders.

Your small business tax calendar automatically builds a 12-month schedule tailored to your business lodgement and payment needs.

You can:

  • personalise your calendar in approximately 10 minutes when you answer specific questions about your business
  • record personal notes and reminders
  • make updates at any time if you change your business structure or reporting obligations
  • print a one-page summary of your tax obligations and due dates for the year for you to use as a yearly planner
  • receive a reminder through Microsoft Outlook or from your computer system when a lodgement or payment is due.

If you run more than one business, you can set up a unique tax calendar for each business.

To download the calendar tool please click here.

To find out more about key lodgement dates please visit the ATO website.